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Snorkeling Reimagined.

Forget everything you thought you knew about snorkeling.

Introducing Tide Snorkels’ Uno. Years of research and development have produced a snorkel with massive visibility, unrivalled comfort, water + wave protection, and natural breathing.


My Tide Snorkels mask is everything I hoped it would be. I hate the feeling of a regular snorkel mouthpiece in my mouth while I’m snorkeling – this solved that problem! Great customer service and fast shipping. Thanks!

-Janine S. in Monterey, CA


Wave Pipe Protection

Wave Pipe Technology keeps waves and water out of your snorkel so every breath is pure air. Your days of sucking back water are over.

Infini-View 180° Vision

Uno’s Infini-View 180° Vision provides an ultra-wide field of view unrivalled by any other mask. Keep an eye on your family and the fish!

GoPro™ Camera Mount

We’ve included a GoPro™ mount that also supports a variety of compatible action cameras. Film your excursion and share it with your loved ones. 

Cutting Edge .

Tide Snorkels’ Uno is the world’s leading snorkel mask, made with premium materials, packed with useful features and backed by an industry leading guarantee. 

An ultra-comfy mask with “No Hassles,” the Uno is durable, easy to use snorkel that will keep you comfortable for hours. Pools. Freshwater. Saltwater. Uno can handle it all.

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