Our Story

“Thank you for supporting Tide Snorkels!”

-Greg, Tide Snorkels Founder

Tide Snorkels is a new brand created by avid snorkelers and divers who wanted to rethink the way we snorkel. Our focus is to bring to market simple, durable snorkel gear to enhance the way we experience underwater worlds. Whether you’re snorkeling the Molokini Crater in Hawaii, or just hitting the beach for a day of fun with your kids, we hope to bring you gear you’ll love to rely on.

Enter Uno™ Mask. We were tired of conventional two-piece snorkels and masks that often got tangled up and were always uncomfortable. We wanted to create something that was durable and portable, but even more comfortable and easier to use. No mouthpieces, no clips, no hassle. With this in mind we eventually developed the Tide Snorkels Uno Mask, an all-in-one snorkel that allows you to breath naturally.

Uno™ Mask is designed with premium materials and loaded with convenient technologies. Uno™ Mask is made with military grade polycarbonate construction and is UV resistant. Every Uno™ Mask includes a spare parts kit, eco-friendly digital care guide and our quick start guide.

Now Shipping and Available in North America!